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We will have only two options at pickup going forward:

Curbside pickup — We will have orders pre-packed for you and have runners to deliver your orders to your car from 4:30-6pm at the Sewanee Community Center. We will have your account total available and paying by check is more efficient for us at this time. We will also be accepting payment via Venmo to Rooted-Here. Please be patient with us as we implement this new system.

Delivery option — If you are unable or would rather not participate in our curbside pickup option, you can choose to have your order delivered. Please add delivery to your order if you prefer this option. If you haven’t placed an order yet, include your delivery details as a note to the market managers and our delivery folks as you submit your order. Deliveries will happen after 6 on Tuesday. We ask that delivery customers please pay by venmo at the time of delivery to Rooted-Here. You will see a charge on your account that will be zeroed out upon receipt of your venmo payment. Your delivery will include a printed invoice with your order total. If you are outside the Sewanee/Monteagle area, please send an email to cumberlandfm@gmail.com and we will try our best to work out a delivery option.

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"Midway Medley" Mushroom Variety Pack (3/4 lb)
Grower: Midway Mushrooms
Price: $10.00 ( 3/4 lb )
Available (Exact): 10

This eclectic blend of gourmet mushrooms varies week by week in accordance with harvest cycles, meaning this mushroom mix is ... more
Alpaca fleece
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 1 oz )
Available (Estimated): 198

I have a variety of colors and textures of alpaca fleece, from cloud-soft baby fiber to sturdier old-gal fleece great ... more
Apple Pie
Grower: Alessandro's Italian Artisan Bakery
Price: $36.00 ( 9 -in )
Available (Estimated): 5

Out of this world pie. Perfect dessert...at any moment. more
Artemisia Plant - "Wormwood"
Grower: Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
Price: $7.00 ( trade gallon pot )
Available (Estimated): 2

A fragrant, lacy plant grown for its silvery foliage, Artemisia is a nice accent to fresh or dried flower arrangements ... more
Bagna Cauda
Grower: Alessandro's Italian Artisan Bakery
Price: $14.00 ( ~ 7 oz )
Available (Estimated): 6

Our version of the Italian classic Piedmont region dip. Made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, anchovies and cream cheese. more
Bagna Cauda (Medium size)
Grower: Alessandro's Italian Artisan Bakery
Price: $10.00 ( ~ 5 oz )
Available (Estimated): 6

Our version of the Italian classic Piedmont region dip. Made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, anchovies and cream cheese. more
Bags - Recycled Feed Sacks
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $7.00 ( 1 bag )
Available (Exact): 14

These reusable shopping bags are made from woven plastic feed sacks. I choose sacks with nice pictures, and cut and ... more
Banana Cherry Chocolate Chip Bread
Grower: Mary's Kitchen
Price: $12.00 ( 1 loaf )
Available (Exact): 2

Moist, delicious banana bread with a plus with chocolate chips and cherries. Butter, eggs, flour, nuts, maraschino cherries, sugar, bananas, ... more
Grower: Wes's Plants
Price: $2.50 ( 1 pint bag of leaves )
Available (Exact): 2

Freshly-picked Basil from the SAS farm, grown outdoors chemical free. Goes very well in eggs, on grilled chicken, or in ... more
Grower: In Town Organics
Price: $2.00 ( 2 oz. bunch - stems and all )
Available (Exact): 0

Fresh sweet basil.