Jumpoff Mountain Java

Website: www.jumpoffmountainjava.com

USDA Certified Organic

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*It all started with this premise: We really like good coffee. *

Jumpoff Mountain Java was created to provide ourselves and our local community with superb locally roasted coffee, while maintaining a commitment to protecting the environment and supporting equitable trade relationships in the global coffee market.

To that end, we seek out origin coffees grown by farms that practice organic methods of agriculture and benefit from fair trade pricing agreements. In addition, our coffee bags are 40% recycled paper with a polymer liner made from annually renewable plants. Even our labels are eco-friendly. To compost just remove the tin tie and it’s ready to go. We will be happy to recycle your bags for you if you prefer. Please recycle/compost!

All the coffees we offer will be organically grown, fairly traded, and locally roasted.

We are excited to be able to serve our local community. See you at the market!
Paige and Marianne

Coffee Tips
Storage: Beans are best kept at room temperature in an airtight, opaque container. For long-term storage beans may be frozen in moisture-proof containers. For ultimate freshness, grind beans just prior to brewing.
French Press/Plunger Pot: coarse (10 seconds in a blade grinder)
Drip: Medium (15-20 seconds)
Espresso: Fine/very fine (20-30 seconds)
Recommended preparation for French Press:2-6-6-1
2 tablespoons of fresh, properly ground coffee
6 ounces of good, fresh water heated just short of boiling (195-205 degrees)
4-6 minutes brew time
1 fabulous cup of delicious coffee

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