In Town Organics

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In Town Organics is right down the road in Monteagle and is run by Jess, Nate, Eli, Stella, and Josiah Wilson and student interns. We farm as a way to provide year round food and meaningful activity for our family and to improve the diversity of life in our soil. We practice sustainable agriculture and use many different techniques to grow our food.

In Town Organics is our Produce operation which is located on 8th St, in Monteagle. In Town Organics specializes in year round salad mixes, cool season crops and garlic. We do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers and we try to use inputs that are not super dependent on petroleum (i.e. as local as we can find). We depend on our animals for manure. We also use cover crops and mulches to add nutrients and organic matter to our soil. We try to keep our plants free from pests by planting at the right times, keeping our plants healthy, and by following a careful rotation. We do occasionally use products that are approved for use in organic crops if we have infestations. These are used as a last ditch effort and we will let our customers know if any of our products have been sprayed with anything other than water. We grow a number of heirloom crops and are constantly experimenting with new varieties as well as new techniques.

We appreciate your business and your interest in our farm. If you would like to schedule a farm tour please contact Jess at

If you are not local, and are interested in purchasing wool or garlic please check out my Etsy shop:

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