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How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs

Folks say that fresh eggs do not hard boil well… actually, they boil fine, the problem is peeling the shell off without tearing up the white. Here is the secret to hard boiling fresh eggs…

Source: Three Oaks Farm & Guest House (Entered by Stephen Eichler)
Servings: 12 per dozen eggs
Ingredient keywords: eggs
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Maple Custard

I have not tried this recipe but eggs, maple syrup, and pecans are all available this time of year.

Source: This is an adaptation of a recipe from the Michigan Maple Syrup Association (Entered by Jessica Wilson)
Servings: 4-6
Ingredient keywords: eggs, syrup, pecans
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Old-Fashioned Egg Custard

Baked custard is the ultimate healthy “comfort food.” If you’ve never had an egg custard made with fresh, free-range eggs, you’re in for a real treat! I can eat them any time of day, and like to keep a few on hand in the fridge. It’s a great dessert with a dollop of whipped cream, or a fast healthy breakfast on the go. This custard can be made with half and half or even heavy cream instead of milk, which will give you more of a Creme Brulee… if desired you can add a tablespoon of sugar to the top and carmelize with a torch, but I love it as is.

Source: This is an old favorite... flavoring variations are endless. (Entered by Stephen Eichler)
Servings: Makes about six 6 oz. servings.
Ingredient keywords: eggs, sugar, vanilla, milk, nutmeg,
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This is a great easy recipe that kids love to help make! Each person can customize their own omelet just the way they like it. Fast, easy, fun, and nutritious… what’s not to like?

Source: Granny Dee (Entered by Stephen Eichler)
Servings: One
Ingredient keywords: salt, pepper, eggs
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Pasta Primavera

This is the perfect quick dish that highlights the wonderful flavors of spring vegetables. It is very versatile. The ingredients that I have listed are just suggestions and the measurements are all approximate – I rarely measure when making this dish. It can be vegetarian.

Source: Jessica Wilson (Entered by Jessica Wilson)
Servings: 4 hungry farmers or 6 polite city folk
Ingredient keywords: garlic, onions, peas, broccoli, carrot, vegetable, chicken, basil, oregano, parsley
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