Wheeler's Orchard & Vineyard


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Respect for the health & vitality of the environment, the farmer & all who visit our farm, are at the heart of Wheeler’s Orchard & Vineyard’s growing practices. This small, fourth generation family farm, located just 35 miles northwest of Chattanooga on the Cumberland Plateau, grows 15 varieties of popular & heritage apples & over 20 varieties of grapes. Our sustainable growing practices involve year round cultural care for our trees & vines, focusing on the vitality & health of the soil to minimize the need for sprays and using the most environmentally responsible products, without herbicides or chemical insecticides. Because our apples are sustainably grown, we often have seconds that we will not sell fresh. These go into our yummy, fresh apple cider each fall. Our cider is made with at least 4-5 different varieties of apples in each small batch to give it a well-rounded balance between sweet & tart apples. It is un-pasteurized & therefore we squeeze small batches often so our customers can enjoy it fresh. Wheeler’s welcomes visitors to our farm August through December. Visit our website at to learn more.

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