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Chickens and the Eggs

Chicken Little Farm is the home of the pampered hens! Our hens are allowed to be chickens, 24/7, and can free range, go outside every day, or just hang in the coop if they want. They have hen parties and discuss pecking order when necessary. They even have chicken “runs” when opportunities present themselves. They get to be chickens and do chicken things.

They are fed a nutritious, all natural feed plus fruits and vegetables when available, plus any kind of bug they can catch!(And they do) We have fans running when it is hot and heat lamps when really cold. We try to provide every comfort to them as they have an important job of laying delicious, nutritious, eggs. We have grown a lot in the last couple of years and have expanded our flocks to include 12 different types of chickens:

ISA browns (brown eggs, hybrid)
Leghorns (white eggs, heritage)
Ameraucanas (blue/green eggs, heritage)
Rhode Island Reds (brown eggs, heritage)
Whiting True Blue( blue eggs, heritage)
Production Reds (brown eggs, heritage)
Blue Bell Eggers (blue eggs, hybrid)
Australorps (brown eggs, heritage)
Calico Princess (brown eggs, hybrid)
Barred Plymouth Rocks (brown eggs, heritage)
Starlight Green Eggers (green eggs, hybrid)
Speckled Sussex (brown eggs, heritage)

We recently decided to increase our heritage breeds because they have fewer health problems than the hybrid chickens and they have been around for a long time. All of our chickens provide us with egg sizes ranging from medium, large, extra-large to jumbo. All of the nutrition they are fed goes directly to you!!!

If you have any questions about our chickens or how we care for them, please don’t hesitate to ask.


In the last year or so we have gotten into the dirt. We never knew how much fun that could be! We started with simple things like onions and lettuce, and expanded from there. We use organic fertilizers and organic approved herbicides/fungicides/pesticides, not to mention aged chicken manure. Our goal is to provide you with healthy, chemical free produce that is good for us (and our chickens). We also will try to grow something that you would like to have available, if the growing conditions we have permit it. This year we are planning to establish beds of rhubarb and asparagus, as it can take a couple of years to develop, and also try growing some ornamental plants like Indian corn and mini pumpkins, as well as other edible goodies. If there is something you would like to see at the market, shoot us an email and let us know.

As always we appreciate our loyal customers and encourage newcomers to try us out. Feedback is always welcome and helps us get better.

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