Living Greens Hydroponics

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

We are living greens and our family raises hydroponically grown vegetables. We (Glenn and Joanna) are experienced hydroponic growers. We specialized in tomatoes for 12 years while living in KY. We moved to this area of Tennessee in 2015 and shifted our focus to lettuces: Bibb, Oak leaf, romaine, and Green leaf. This season we added our popular and impressive English cucumbers to our produce list with tomatoes soon to follow. While we cannot claim to be organic (since our plants and not grown using soil) we are glad to share that we use limited incesticides or pesticides.As much as possible use OMRI approved products (in other words those certified and approved for organic farming. Our lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes are treated with great care and we strive to provide the freshest, healthiest, highest quality produce to our customers, Personally, farming is a lifestyle choice that allows us to homeschool our 7 boys. We thanks you for supporting that.

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