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Beef - Grass Fed Soup Bones with Meat
Grower: Dayspring Farm
Price: $7.00 ( pk of 2 (1-1.8 lbs) )
Available (Estimated): 9

These bones are perfect for making hearty soups and stews and bone broth. They are bones with approximately 1 lb ... more
Beef - Grass Fed Stew Meat Sm Scottish Highland
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $5.75 ( 1 pkg (.7-9 lbs) )
Available (Exact): 3

.7-.9 lb package of stew meat from our Scottish Highland steer. Highlands marble well without grain feeding, making their meat ... more
Beef - Grassfed Cut Special #2
Grower: Dayspring Farm
Price: $50.00 ( Each )
Available (Estimated): 1

Oh yummy! Perfect package of our healthy, nutritious Grass Fed and Finished Beef. The package contains two one pound packages ... more
Beef - Grassfed Liver
Grower: Dayspring Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 1 lb )
Available (Exact): 2

Packed with nutrients, these livers make a delicious change of pace meal. Raised according to American Grassfed Association Standards without ... more
Beef - Lean Ground
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $6.59 ( 1.00 lbs avg pkg )
Available (Exact): 33

At $6.59 per pound you get A Very lean ground beef in 1.15 lb avg packages. The Long Horn influence ... more
Beef - Liver
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $4.48 ( 1.50 lbs avg pkg )
Available (Exact): 8

1.25 lb vacuum sealed freezer bag with several pieces of tender beef liver.
Beef - Loin Tip Roast
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $27.26 ( 3.69 lbs exact )
Available (Exact): 1

Very Lean Roast. Excellent for slicing for a hot meal with potatoes and vegetable or thin slicing for preparing sandwiches.
Beef - Meatballs (large size)
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $11.35 ( 2 oz meatballs, 10 per pkg )
Available (Exact): 2

Fully cooked meatballs, just heat and serve! You will love the flavor with each bite. This receipe is a long ... more
Beef - New York Strip Steak
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $17.15 ( 1.01 lbs avg pkg )
Available (Exact): 3

1 inch thick cut steaks packed 2 per pkg.Very lean and well trimmed, grill and serve with mushrooms and onions. ... more
Beef - Ox tail
Grower: Double A Farm
Price: $12.92 ( 2.31 lbs avg pkg )
Available (Exact): 1

Ox Tail are great for stews, slow cook with potatoes, carrots, onions and some beef broth. Try something different!