Cline Apothecary


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Cline Apothecary seeks to connect community with botanical medicine by providing education and carefully crafted products. We believe this is a bridge that will empower our community to reclaim their health and collective environment. Our goal is to provide the best possible ingredients at affordable prices. We offer all natural skincare products, oral care, teas, dried herbs, tinctures, therapy candles, healing salves, zero waste home products and more. For over 20 years, Jen Cline has transformed nature’s wisdom into herbal formulas, combining science and tradition to create proprietary blends rooted in purity, potency, and integrity. Jen is a clinical herbalist located in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Fall 2022 we will be working with Herbalists Without Borders to offer a free herbal clinic. Supplements and herbal products will be offered for a fair price.

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