Midway Mushrooms


Midway Mushrooms is a small indoor farm specializing in gourmet mushroom production. Located near Sewanee, Tennessee, we produce several varieties of oyster, shiitake, and lion’s mane mushrooms, as well as a number of rotating specialty cultivars.

Midway Mushrooms is a certified Produce Safety Alliance farm. Our gourmet mushrooms are grown from recycled agricultural byproducts. At our 3,200 square foot facility, nutritionally enhanced sawdust substrate is loaded into polypropylene bags for sterilization. These bags then are inoculated with live mycelium before incubation and fruiting within rigorously climate-controlled environments.

The Midway Mushrooms team consists of three avid mushroom hunters who bonded initially over seasonal foraging missions. We like surprise lion’s mane discoveries, sustained heavy rainfall, and long walks to our favorite Cantharellus patch. Our diverse backgrounds in mushroom farming, biology, and systems design serve as a skeleton for our endless tinkering with new growth techniques and mushroom varieties.

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