Join the South Cumberland Farmer’s Market and buy local on the mountain!

We are a community-run market providing local products from family farms in the South Cumberland region of Tennessee

Come Grow with Us!

That good old-fashioned community building, friendly experience you enjoy in a bustling local farmer’s market has now been combined with modern internet technology to better serve you! Supporting your local farmers and artisans has now been made easy:

  • Order Conveniently from the comfort of your home computer by visiting the market page;
  • Know what you’re purchasing with more information about the farmers, their farming practices and their products on our grower page;
  • Pick up your order at the centrally located Sewanee Community Center Tuesdays between 4:30 and 6:15 p.m.

Join the South Cumberland Farmer’s Market today!

Let your local farmers provide you with:
fresh vegetables,

country eggs,
naturally raised meats,
artisan baked goods,
specialty cut flowers,
soaps, lotions, and more!

To join, create an account by going to the your account page of this website or contact the market manager: Kir Strobel at 931-592-3399(sorry no voicemail) or Once you have an account you will be notified each Saturday evening of what is available and you will be able to place your orders.

This online market is a project of the rooted here. The market is in its eighth year and it continues to grow and connect farmers directly to customers. While our mission remains constant, the market is continually growing and changing. We love hearing from you and we appreciate any feedback on how we can better serve you.

By buying fresh, locally produced, foods you are not only supporting the better health of you and your family. You are also promoting:

  • a healthier planet through decreased dependence on the fossil fuels, chemicals, and the packaging needed to mass produce and ship foods long distances.
  • a vibrant local economy through supporting local businesses,
  • the continued survival of the family farm and an honest and worthy means of making a living.

Join us in nourishing your connection to your community with food and hand-made products you trust
from farmers and artisans you know!

Come Grow with Us!

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Artwork by Christi Teasley

Photography on two bottom photographs by Macon York (for more information email