Dogwood Farm

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Dogwood Farm began in 2009 with dog treats and beautiful and healthful natural produce without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides.

In 2011, we added a small line of specialty breads, focaccias, and seasonal pies. If you’ve never had (or don’t remember) the incredible aroma and taste of home-made bread, you are in for a real experience! We also welcome suggestions for new products as well as special requests.

New in 2013, our baked goods no longer contained “extracts.” Although they are more expensive, “flavors” are now used—vanilla, maple, almond, lemon, and orange—because they contain NO alcohol. Alcohol can comprise more than 40% in some extracts, and we feel that “flavors” are better. They are thick, rich, aromatic and delicious!

Also in 2013, we expanded our line of gluten-free products and continue to do so each year. They are all made with special blends of flours (not boxed mixes), and great care is taken to ensure no cross contamination with wheat products.

New in 2017, we added VEGAN oatmeal and honey wheat bread to our line of products. Containing Smart Balance spread and almond milk, there is no reason for our vegan friends to avoid wonderful bread.

In accordance with TN law, we report to our customers that all food produced by Dogwood Farm is made in an uninspected home kitchen. However, be assured that the strictest measures are taken to ensure the highest quality products. I worked in a local inn for nearly four years and as a cook in a local retreat center, also for just under four years. Consequently, I have taken the food safety courses and work with their requirements daily.

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