SCCF Holiday Cards (South Cumberland Community Fund)

Website: www.southcumberlandcommunityfund.org

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Honor your friends and family this holiday season with a gift to SCCF (South Cumberland Community Fund) and receive a holiday card to send to your honoree. Donors have the opportunity to submit the names of their card recipients, to be published in the 2020 SCCF Annual Report early next year. The SCCF Holiday Card is a great gift idea as well as a chance to support your community!

Your donation to this project not only brings value through additional monetary support for SCCF and its collaborations with area nonprofits, but also fosters the creativity of students across the Plateau.

South Cumberland Community Fund is pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 SCCF Holiday Card Contest: Maggie Lu Rudd, 5th Grader, Sewanee Elementary School. Congratulations to Maggie Lu for her beautiful design, pictured on our listing.

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