Frost Farm

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After moving to Tennessee from Florida for the magical changing of seasons and breathtaking landscapes, we chose a 15-acre farm on top of Sewanee mountain. Never did we realize how wonderful raising chickens, ducks and livestock would be. Five years later, and we can’t get enough!
We are a small farm with a lot of heart raising chickens, ducks, and Nubian dairy goats. Currently, we have available large, delicious free-range eggs. They come in multiple colors due to having several Easter-Eggers among our flock of 24+ (and growing) chickens which includes many shades of brown, green, and blue colored eggs. Our mixed flock of Pekin and Runner ducks enjoy kickin’ it down on the pond daily and lay the most delicious and nutritious eggs.
Additionally, we are proud owners of 12 beautiful and happy Purebred Nubian Goat does and 1 Registered Purebred Nubian buck. They are kept on a diet of fresh hay, Organic
Dairy Goat Grain, and whatever forage they happen upon roaming the pastures of Frost Farm.
You can also find beef cattle happily grazing throughout the pastures, and we are excitedly expecting our first calves this fall! Never a dull moment on Frost Farm!

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