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peppermint – FRESH

Fresh Cut Green (Sweet) Basil
Grower: Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
Price: $3.00 ( approx 1 oz bag )
Available (Exact): 1

Use leaves fresh, frozen, or dried, cooked or raw, or as a garnish (the flowers too). Use on veal, lamb, ... more
Herbs - Cilantro
Grower: Dayspring Farm
Price: $2.00 ( small bag-approx 1 oz )
Available (Estimated): 1

Wonderful spicy herb for most Mexican cooking, salsas, etc. Grown from organic seed using organic methods.
Oregano - Dried
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $1.50 ( 1/4 ounce )
Available (Exact): 4
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1/4 ounce of home-grown, home-dried oregano, this will make the store-bought stuff look and taste like cardboard! This oregano is ... more
Oregano - Fresh Cut
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $2.00 ( approx. 1 oz )
Available (Exact): 2

1 ounce of fresh oregano from our hoop-house - this has done so well over the winter, we're really pleased ... more
Oregano - Greek
Grower: Helen's Half Acre
Price: $2.50 ( 2 oz bundle )
Available (Estimated): 20

Grower: Helen's Half Acre
Price: $2.50 ( 2 oz )
Available (Estimated): 1

Great on potatoes and lamb.
Thyme - English
Grower: Helen's Half Acre
Price: $2.50 ( Sandwich bag )
Available (Estimated): 10

Put thyme in beans or on chicken and many other dishes