Frost Farm

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After moving to Tennessee from Florida for the magical changing of seasons and breathtaking landscapes, we chose a 15-acre farm on top of Sewanee mountain. Never did we realize how wonderful raising chickens and other livestock would be. Four years later, and we can’t get enough!
We are a small farm with a lot of heart raising chickens, ducks, goats. Currently, we have available large, delicious free-range eggs. They come in multiple colors due to having several Easter-Eggers among our flock of 20+ (and growing) which includes many shades of brown, green, and chocolate colored eggs.
We are proud owners of 10 beautiful and happy Purebred Nubian Goat does and 1 Registered Purebred Nubian buck. They are kept on a diet of fresh hay, Organic
Dairy Goat Grain, and whatever forage they happen upon roaming the pastures of Frost Farm.

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