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Lazy Day Turkey Pot Pie

This came from a Turkey Cook Book but rather than post the recipe in that book I’ve decided to post my own recipe for easy pot pie. I usually use biscuit dough on top, but puff pastry also works.

Leftover turkey (around 1 lb – cut into chunks)
1 TLBSP olive oil
1 onion
3 stalks celery
5 cloves garlic
1 sprig of thyme
Leftover vegetables – any kind, around 2 cups (if you don’t have these you can add frozen vegetables or just omit and add more turkey)
2 Tlbsp flour
1 glass white wine
1/2 cup milk (or leftover turkey gravy)
Puff Pastry, or Biscuit dough (ready to prepare based on package directions or biscuit recipe)
1 egg (slightly beaten to paint on puff pastry or biscuit dough)

Preheat oven to 400.

In a large, heavy bottomed skillet or saucepan, heat olive oil. Add onions, garlic, celery, thyme, turkey, and vegetables and saute until tender. Sprinkle with flour and stir lightly until vegetables are coated with the flour. Then pour in a glass of wine to de-glaze. Allow to cook off slightly then add milk (or leftover turkey gravy) to thicken.

Remove from heat. Place puff pastry or biscuit dough on top of the vegetables and turkey. Paint top with egg as directed in puff pastry direction.

Place in 400 degree oven. Let bake for 10-25 minutes until pastry is puffy and slightly browned on top.

Serve hot.

Market News

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I know that it may be hard to think about food this week. If that is how you are feeling, I recommend considering the non-edibles on the market that also make great holiday gifts.

Due to the cold weather and low light many vegetables are growing more slowly and some are done for the season. It’s time to focus on the root vegetables and the storage crops for a few months.

In Town Organics will have more salad and kale available in coming weeks once everything has had a little time to grow.

The Bread Peddler has many varieties of bread on the market this week – including all the favorites that are usually available at the Pig. Also… Pizza is back.

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Coming Events

Working with Balance
The Ground Rules for Those Who Work or Play on the Land

2 1/2 Day Spacial Dynamics® Workshop
with Jaimen McMillan (founder of Spacial Dynamics® ) and Bill Keener (Sequatchie Cove Farm)

Thursday, November 29 – Outdoor work on the land at Crabtree Farms in Chattanooga, TN (9am till 6pm – dinner and discussion to follow in the evening)

Friday and 1/2 day Saturday, November 30th- December 1st – Indoor Spacial Dynamics® movement workshop )
At Baylor School gym – 9am till 6pm – discussion to follow in the evening)

Enliven Your Movement and Invigorate your Work at this Spacial Dynamics® Workshop

On Thursday we will be outdoors working with tools on the land at Crabtree Farms. If you work on the land, or spend your days bending, lifting, walking, pushing, shoveling, climbing, chopping, hammering, hoeing or if you want to move better when just playing – then this workshop will be of amazing value. In this Spacial Dynamics® workshop we will learn to use our body and our spatial gestures in balanced, rhythmical, pain-free and effective ways when working or doing heavy labor. We will practice developing greater ability and capacity to use our most valuable work tools: our body and our space. Physical movement and work can be highly reinforcing, motivating and refreshing when one is doing what one loves well; or it can be physically exhausting and defeating if done poorly. Together we will learn to improve our work movements and proper tool use.

On Friday and Saturday we will be in a gym at the Baylor School moving and will be introduced to Spacial Dynamics activities which will reinforce our work on Thursday. This course is for everyone who would like to learn to move better and more effectively. Teachers, musicians, parents, students, craftsmen, farmers, active sports enthusiasts or any one who wants to move towards developing a life full of effective and graceful movement. The course will be full of movement and is applicable for all ages. If you can’t make it Thursday or feel you are not up to spending a day outdoors working on the land, then sign up for the Friday and Saturday workshop.

You will need outdoor clothes and shoes for Thursday and please bring tools that you would like to learn to work better with (shovel, hoe, scythe, ax, hammer, etc.) You will need indoor clothes and shoes that you can move in for Friday and Saturday morning. There are several lodging options please email for details. Meals will be served at the farm, please email for details.
Come to learn to work so your body works better!

Bill Keener
320 Dixon Cove Rd.
Sequatchie, TN 37374

cost: $150.00 for the 2 1/2 days- or $75 for the day
There is possible tuition assistance

Click here to learn more about Jaimen McMillan and Spacial Dynamics

December 25th is Christmas and it also falls on a Tuesday this year…

For that reason, the market will be closed on Christmas this year (make sure you plan ahead).

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!