Hobb’s Hollow

As an avid maker and gardener, when I’m not working, I spend my days learning about natural dyes, foraging for mushrooms, and trying my hand at various gardening techniques. Companion planting, straw-bale gardening, and pollinator flowers are a few of my current interests. Recently, I’ve been using my Giant Marigold garden to make dye kits. On the market I would like to sell the dye kits (which include dried flowers, a mordant, and instructions). On top of the kits, I’d like to sell bouquets, catnip, and mushrooms. Chanterelles, Oysters, and Chicken of the Woods are some of the mushrooms I’ve sold before to local businesses. Long term, my intention is to start mushroom logs, grow and forage for natural dyes, and expand my garden so that I can build up inventory and sell more at local markets and online. In the meantime I’d like to sell items through Rooted-here and provide the broader local community with access to even more products.

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