The Wild Berry Farm

We are a start up farm, but I have been selling in the Sewanee farmer’s market from my home garden since I was a teenager. My family is rooted in Midway Tn and has lived on the same farm for six generations. After several years of school and a stint in youth ministry my husband and I are FINALLY back near Sewanee and able to sink our fingers into real farm work!

Our objective for the farm is to provide fresh, local, and organically-raised veggies and fruit to Franklin county and surrounding areas. In the future, we also hope to provide ‘clean’ food at reasonable prices or for free (depending on need) to individuals and families who need organic produce for health reasons but may otherwise not be able to afford it.

Our objective for joining this website is to broaden our client base to faster reach that goal! We are already selling to several restaurants in Sewanee, have sold at the Sewanee farmer’s market, and at the Fourth of July, and feel it is time to increase production and broaden our horizons!

We look forward to being a part of this farming family!

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