Pig Mountain

Website: facebook.com/pigmountain.tn

Pig Mountain is home to our herd of happy pigs in Altamont, Tennessee. All of our pigs are born and raised right here on the farm, where they live outside year-round. The pigs are regularly rotated through a mixture of pasture and woodlot to allow the land to rest and recover while ensuring there are plenty of fresh forages to eat. We supplement their diet with locally grown non-gmo corn, barley, and soybean meal mixed with minerals specifically formulated for swine health. All supplemental feed is free of hormones and antibiotics.

Our breeding herd is a mixture of Red Wattles, Yorkshires, Hampshires, and Durocs. Their piglets are hearty and thrive from the hybrid vigor provided by the crossing of these breeds.

Our goal is to give our pigs a happy, stress-free lifestyle and to provide our customers with a delicious and healthy pork option.

-Richard + Christia Crook

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