Fuel So Good Coffee Roasters

Website: www.fuelsogood.coffee

USDA Certified Organic

At Fuel So Good Coffee Roasters, our passions are clear about roasting, serving and selling exceptional coffee. We are a Certified Fair Trade USA Partner and only source certified Fair Trade Organic green coffee beans. We create small batch, hand crafted single origin and blends with great attention to detail. We have USDA Organic Certificates on file for every lot of green coffee beans we purchase. We are inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (twice a year) and listed as a “Pick Tennessee Product.”

Fuel So Good Coffee Roasters is diligent about sustainability. We are committed to continuously learning about ways to improve our artisan approach to creating high quality Specialty Coffees. As well, we seek out eco-friendly packaging options, including our biodegradable/compostable Biotre coffee bags.

We are also one of the few U.S. Veteran family-owned artisan coffee roaster businesses in the United States.

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