Fiery Fungi

As of today, July 22 2013, production has started and there should be some blue oyster mushrooms to harvest in the first week of August. The production goal for oysters is 150lbs per week. Look for fun varieties like PINK, YELLOW, PEARL, and BROWN oyster mushrooms towards the end of august. By late september most of our other warm weather species should be coming online; lion’s mane, shiitake, nameko, king oyster, and himematsutake. We also hope to be the first purveyor’s of indoor grown chicken of the woods. Wish us luck!

Additionally, we plan to offer medicinal species such as red reishi and cordyceps. Not to say that the other species do not have health benefits, in fact they all do! Reishi and cordyceps are just typically not used for cooking.

Winter time offerings will include enokitake, brown beech, black poplar (or pioppino).

Thanks for stopping by! And look for more updates in the coming weeks and months…

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