Three Oaks Farm & Guest House


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Dee and Stephen been nurturing Three Oaks since 1981. Stephen is a Sewanee alum. We live in the middle of forty peaceful acres on Gudger Road.
“Eich” means “oak” in German, and our place is named for our three “oaks”… our sons Robert, Brian, and Erich. In 2014 Erich became the primary grower at Three Oaks, maintaining the chicken flock, cultivating shiitake mushrooms, obtaining FDA and HACCP certification for processing rabbits and introducing ducks and turkeys to the property.
We love our birds and especially their incredible eggs! Our eggstatically happy hens roam freely over 10+ acres of pasture, orchard, and woods. They have quite a varied diet consisting of the numerous bugs, worms, and green items they browse or scratch up. We use absolutely no pesticides or antibiotics on our hens or in their environment. We supplement their natural diet with vegetarian layer ration and scratch grains.
Be sure to click “view recipes” on our listing in the market to see some great recipes and tips!
In season we also sell select produce from our “no chemical” garden.
We are happy to welcome visitors to our idyllic setting just outside the domain in Sewanee. Three Oaks Guest House is Sewanee’s premier rural retreat… we rent this lovely cottage for weekends or longer stays.
Call Erich for more information… 423-443-6082, or check us out on Facebook at Three Oaks Farm and Rabbitry.

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