Sequatchie Cove Farm


cove Farm is located in what the locals call Coppinger Cove but on the map is Little Sequatchie Cove – named after the river. We are about a 45 minute drive from Sewanee and Chattanooga. Our farm is about 300 acres – 60 of it pasture and the rest woods. We lease another 100 acres of pasture within 3 miles of us. We raise beef, pork, eggs, vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and pick your own fruits. Dancing Fern Nursery, grower of native plants, is also part of the farm.
The farm is run by Bill and Miriam Keener, Miriam’s parents,Nathan and Padgett Arnold,Kelsey and Ashley Keener and various interns, volunteers and part-time help. Bill and Miriam raised their children on the farm: Kelsey is now married and back at the farm and Ann is cooking at Greenlife Grocery.
Our aim is to grow food in the most sustainable way possible without the use of pesticides, herbicides,hormones and antibiotics. The cows are grass finished and never see a feedlot. The beef comes from our cows as well as from another nearby farm we work closely with.
The pork is from our pigs who free range within wide limits. They have access to grass (pigs love to graze), seeds, nuts, acorns, roots…. They spend their days ranging in field and forest. Their diet is supplimented with certified organic corn based feed. These pigs don’t know what concrete or a hog house is!
The layers are free range and pasture raised. They sleep and lay their eggs in a portable coop we move on a regular basis so they always have access to fresh pasture.
The vegetables and fruits are raised organically with compost from our farm.
We invite you to come visit and will have an organized tour in the spring. Please call ahead before dropping by (423-942-9201).

From I-24, exit 155, take Hwy. 28 north for 3 miles; after road turns two-lane, take first left onto Mel Dison Lane. Drive 1 mile to Valley View Hwy, turn right; 2.5 miles through Sequatchie; left at Coppinger Cove Baptist Church sign; drive 2 miles. Turn left at mailbox marked Dixon Cove. First driveway to right; look for our sign.

Click here to view the winter solstice beef sale fleir The meat listed in this document must be ordered directly from Sequatchie Cove Farm.

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