Bean Man


This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

This grower has a photo album.

We grow dry beans (Pinto, Red, Black and White) on a farm as well as oats. We sell the beans as well as process to make bean flour. We also process the oats to make oat flour and Scottish oatmeal. We are a conventional farm but do not use glyphosate products in the growth or harvest of our crops. We are also non GMO and all of our products are tested to be Gluten Free to a tolerance of 10 ppm versus the FDA requirement of 20 ppm. All of our products are always sold in the same season as they were harvested so we market them as fresh versus what is purchased in the store which may be fresh or could be years old. Any product left over when the new harvest season comes is donated to charity or re-cycled at our farm. We grow what we sell so we know its origin and we perform all of our processing so we do not depend on certifications by 3rd party companies. Please visit our website for more information on our farm, process and products.

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