C7b38374-3e4b-4113-a6b7-3f9ace1ca5d8 (very much alive) Holland White breeding Tom
Grower: Grandmother Mountain Organics
Price: $60.00 ( Each)
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"Jimmy Page" is an easy going and gorgeous turkey. Having a gender imbalance in our flock always presents us with a tough decision- who do we keep, who do we sell, who do we process for meat. Given we raise our heritage-breed flock organically and free ranging, it’s in our best interests to keep he flock small. We have chosen to sell this young Tom despite his gorgeous appearance, mainly because his genetics are already largely covered by others in the flock. Will be sad to see him go. If you need a gorgeous male turkey as a breeder, or if you’d like to raise your holiday bird yourself, our friend here is a great choice. All of the birds we have currently (including this guy) have a reasonable personality— not skittish or aggressive, but still alert and spry. We are breeding for disease resistance, and raise our turkeys and chickens together, on pasture. He was born in March 2019 at a hatchery, and has been here since he was 2 days old. My guess is that he is is around 17-18 pounds, but will be closer to 22-25 when fully grown.