Fern_2_016 Fern Plant - Tassel
Grower: Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
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The slow-growing, evergreen Japanese Tassel Fern likes full to partial shade, and wet or constantly moist soil, where it will attain a height and width of 2 feet. Its short creeping rhizome sometimes forms a small trunk, covered in large cinnamon brown scales which give the base of the plant a "shaggy" appearance. The unfurling croziers hang down at their tips, giving them a drooping, tassel-like shape typical of this genus. Its delicate, fine textured bipinnate fronds,dependability, and hardiness make it an elegant addition to a shady woodland setting. Create a Japanese Serenity Garden with mixed ferns, colored foliage trees, and reflecting ponds. Plant in mass as a groundcover under flowering shrubs or in a container garden to be placed in light-challenged atriums and courtyards. Unfurling fronds add a hint of architectural flavor, making this a versatile plant in any shady area of your garden. It combines well with Carex, Heuchera and other ferns.