Romaine_trio_5-3-19 Lettuce - Romaine Trio - naturally grown
Grower: RnR Farms
Price: $3.75 ( 5.3 oz bag)
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The classic Caesar will be green with envy with this colorful and crisp trio of romaine leaves and hearts. The classic green combined with red romaine and a variety called freckles. Freckles is known by several names but originates from an heirloom Austrian variety called Forellenschluss, which means "speckled like a trout." The three varieties each have a unique texture and add a splash of color to any salad. Note: All of our large leaf bags are packed with full leaves that have been left as big as possible, allowing you to decide the size appropriate for your use. This also preserves as much freshness and nutritional value as possible. Simply wash, dry, and cut to the desired size just before serving.