Img_2734 Eggs - free range and organic fed
Grower: RnR Farms
Price: $4.50 ( 1 dozen)
%> Available (Exact): 12

We have more than 30 breeds of chickens at RnR Farms, and they lay eggs of all colors and sizes. Each dozen of our eggs will vary but the majority of eggs will be large or x-large. Our chickens free range during the day, and roost in an enclosed coop at night for their protection. We also use several chicken tractors as mobile coops with attached fenced in runs consisting of several hundred square feet each. The chickens do a great job of keeping weeds and grass out of our growing pastures, while "replenishing" the soil. Our hens are fed the highest quality organic, non-GMO feed as well as scraps from the garden and whatever else they find as they scratch and peck around the farm. The eggs from RnR Farms are always professionally packaged in fully recyclable and compostable cartons.