Pjax4614 Soap - Goat Milk & Lard, Unscented with Oats & Honey, Pig
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $5.00 ( 5 oz bar)
%> Available (Estimated): 2

This simple yet chockful-of-goodness soap is made with my own hand-milked goat milk, local lard from a friend's sustainable small farm that I render myself, and a little coconut oil and of course lye. I also add in some ground oats for some great skin-soothing, and some of our own raw honey, for extra moisturizing. I love this soap, in fact I used to make this as a regular, non-goat milk soap, but then made a batch for a custom order and loved it so much I decided to convert my lard soaps to goat milk-lard soaps. It is really moisturizing, cleans well with no residue, and has a great lather! This soap is available in 3 different molded bars - an adorable pig in a meadow (this listing), a round bar of flowers with a honeybee, or a rectangle with an Oat Stalk and the word "OATMEAL", or a plain square bar (separate listings). The pig is approximately 5 ounces, and the Oats bar is right about 4 oz, and the Honeybee is 3-3.5 oz. This pig bar comes in a small plastic bag, sealed with a label on the back. I generally don't use plastic if I can help it, but this cute, fat little pig is such a tall bar of soap, that it doesn't fit in my paper boxes, so I re-purpose the plastic wrappers my tallow balm tins come in, to wrap these soaps since they just happen to be exactly the right size.