Moiz1949 Soap - Goat Milk & Lard, Ylang Ylang Lavender Sleeping Woman
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 4 oz bar )
%> Available (Estimated): 4

A heady, sensual blend of floral Ylang Ylang and exotic Bulgarian Lavender make this handmade goat milk soap an ideal gift for women. This recipe is made with my own hand-milked goat milk, local lard from Pig Mountain farm that I render myself, and a little coconut oil and of course lye - that's it! I love this soap, in fact I used to make this as a regular, non-goat milk soap, but then made a batch with goat milk for a custom order and loved it so much I decided to convert my lard soaps to goat milk-lard soaps. It is nicely moisturizing, cleans really well with no residue, and has a great lather! This bar is available in either molded bars of a sleeping woman (this listing) or slinky cats or a plain square bar (separate listings), all approximately 4 oz (squares are as much as 4.7 oz). The molded bars come in a brown windowed paperboard box with complete labels.