Vnno5945 Soap - Old-Fashioned Lard, Lavender Sage EO, Plump Pig
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 4 oz bar)
%> Available (Estimated): 4

These handmade lard soap bars are ~4 oz each, with my own blend of pure lavender and sage essential oils for a fresh herbal scent – not too sweet, not too earthy.  This blend actually reminds me of cologne, a great scent for men, or for women who prefer non-feminine scents.  This soap is available in two different molded bars, either a plump pig in a pasture (this listing), or an oval flower (separate listing).  The pigs are tinted a light blush color, with purple flowers in the meadow, both using mica colorants.  This recipe is simply pastured lard from either Cove Creek or Pig Mountain, hand-rendered by me here at Solace Farm Homestead, and a little coconut oil. It is such a simple yet effective, gentle and mild and soap, and I've gotten great reviews on my Etsy shop.