0526181009 Spearmint - Fresh
Grower: University Farm
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This is a hairless mint that taste's like wrigley's gum. It is very refreshing and it is favored for culinary uses like mojito mixes or sauce for lamb. We like them chopped in a fruit salad, added to or "muddled" (crushed a little bit) and added to iced tea or a cocktail. Feeling adventuresome? Try them in a summer roll: https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-how-to-make-summer-rolls-with-vegetables-mint-spicy-peanut-sauce-49315 You are buying 2 oz. The stems can be put in a glass of water and left on the kitchen counter. Change the water each day and if you keep them for several weeks, they might grow roots so you can plant them yourself.