0a53e59f-52db-4db3-9af1-3026dba71694 Lip Balm - Tallow Balm Eco-tube
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $4.50 ( .15 oz tube)
%> Available (Estimated): 25

These lip balms have quickly become my best-selling item in my Etsy shop and at craft fairs. I've been using my tallow balm for a couple of years now and love it, and have always used it on my lips. I really love it as a lip balm - but I had not ever poured lip tubes because I just hate the plastic! There's more plastic than product in those little tubes, and I just couldn't justify that – but then I found paper tubes!! They are the same size as the standard plastic tubes (both the .15 oz fill and the overall tube size), and simply push up from the bottom instead of the screw mechanism. The caps don't snap on quite as tightly as the plastic ones, but they usually fit on fairly snugly, I trade them around if one is loose until I find a good fit. These tubes are entirely paperboard, with a waxed interior to prevent leaking, and I use paper labels, so they are entirely recyclable or compostable. I do pay a good bit more for these than the plastic tubes, but I really believe it's worth it. These are available in a variety of fragrances, just add a note with your preferred scent. If you don't specify a scent, I'll pick one for you from what's currently available. EO denotes an essential oil blend, otherwise the fragrance is a fragrance oil. Cedarwood Bergamot EO / Cedarwood & Sage EO / Espresso / Goat Milk & Honey / Ginger, Lime & Lavender EO / Grapefruit & Sage EO / Honeysuckle / Lavender EO / Lavender, Anise & Patchouli EO / Lavender Vanilla / Orange Spice EO / Peppermint & Tea Tree EO / Sandalwood & Tobacco / Sandalwood Vanilla / Spiced Red Tea / Tangerine Vanilla EO/FO blend / White Tea & Ginger / Yling Ylang & Lavender EO /