Pigmtn-thinchops2 Pork - Bone-in Chops - thin-cut - 2-pk
Grower: Pig Mountain
Price: $6.00 ( .7-.9 lbs each)
%> Available (Estimated): 4

These thin-cut (.5-.75 inch) bone-in chops are a lighter alternative to our thick-cut option, yet still impressive on their own! Two per pack, each chop weighs in at about 5.5-7.5 oz. We swear by a short brine, then sear in cast-iron and finish in the oven - comes out perfect every time. All of our pigs are born and raised on our farm. We rotate them through a mixture of pasture and woodlot, giving access to plenty of fresh forages to eat. We supplement their diet with locally grown non-gmo corn, barley, and soybean meal mixed with minerals specifically formulated for swine health. All supplemental feed is free of hormones and antibiotics.