No_image Lamb - Liver Lg Grass-fed
Grower: Solace Farm
Price: $10.00 ( 1.3 lb)
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1.3 lb of farm-raised lamb liver! Rich in nutrients - even if you aren't a big fan, try sneaking just a bit into full-flavored stews and such for the nutrient boost. This sheep was born and raised here at Solace Farm. We have Tunis sheep, a wonderful multipurpose breed (good fleece, meat, and milk sheep) little-known here in the US. We raise our sheep with rotational grazing, moving them every day most of the year, for both animal and pasture health. This enables us to avoid chemical wormers - we also don't use any antibiotics, or anything, really, besides grass, fresh water (rain or well), hay, and mineral/seaweed supplements.