Willow Oak Beef

Website: willowoakbeef.com

Willow Oak Beef is a family farm located in Woodbury, Tennessee where we raise Brangus cattle on the rolling hills of Cannon County. We have been raising cattle for over thirty years and have been in Woodbury for eighteen of those years. In 1995 we purchased the land that has become Willow Oak Beef, since then we have installed fresh water sources, and many miles of fence. Our goal was to provide the cattle with the optimum environment for a nutritious, healthy, and wholesome life, while leaving the land in a better condition for future generations.

Our passion is our cattle and our farm, we believe it is a great privilege to be stewards of these animals as well as this land. Our beef is antibiotic free, no added hormones, USDA inspected, hard frozen, and vacuum sealed.

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