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We differentiate ourselves at Farmer Browns based on Quality, Service and KNOWLEDGE base of our products.

We have Lettuce, Micro-greens, Wheat Grass and other products all year. We do have a wholesale program for qualified businesses.

Greenhouse #1

We grow the finest lettuce in the world, PERIOD! Our lettuce is produced in NFT hydroponics. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in water without soil. Overall, the main advantages over soil are more efficient nutrition regulation, efficient use of water and minerals, ease and low cost of the medium and higher-density planting, leading to increased yields. When you buy hydroponic lettuce from us with the roots intact you get a longer shelf life product, the plant is not dead and the taste is superb! The product is never sprayed, gassed or treated with chemicals of any kind. We use an integrated pest management system (IPM) consisting of Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, 3 types of residence Frogs and small Skinks (lizards)and predator mites when necessary. We use filtered city water with our soluble minerals. Crop minerals are mixed in-house and formulated specifically for the particular crop we are growing. We normally have in stock: red loose leaf, green loose leaf, bibb, and various other lettuces. Varieties will vary depending on the weather. We now have the most innovative product to date in the Lettuce arena. We have 8 new salad varieties, both Red and Green and 4 New miniature types, again, in both Red and Green.

Our greenhouses are very clean, no infestation of bugs or fire ants and our plants are free of diseases.

Our kitchen is state and USDA certified and approved for acidified food production. Ann makes a “slew” of fancy specialty cakes. We do not use coloring or cake mixes. All are “made from scratch”. Contact her at 931-205-0451 for a complete list. We are offering “Salads To Go”
also, featuring our own hydroponic lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes when available. You’ll never find iceberg lettuce in our salads! We will strive to use locally grown and organic produce to supplement our own produce when we can. Our mixed lettuce salads may have any or all of the following: bibb, romaine, red varieties, spinach, arugula, and spring salad mix. We put a lot of TLC in our salads. We bake our own tenderloin, fry our own bacon and bake our own croutons from homemade sour dough bread. All of our salad dressings are homemade. We hope you will enjoy our latest ‘farm to market’ endeavor. Sorry, but these products are not listed on the CFM.

We are open to the public but are still working on setting our Greenhouse hours. We have stopped our Farm Tours as the business has become so “proprietary” that we cannot share our growing practices anymore. We do consulting work for those interested.

We are now growing hydroponic African Violets called Space Violets because the seeds have been in Space for 6 years. The mutations are unbelievable!! Call us for details…

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